Sunday, 26 September 2010

Bella Union 2010-2011

i am starting to get super excited about next year, not just cos of Fleet Foxes and The Low Anthem returning with new albums, though that is truly going to be fantastic fun, but also watching the continued growth of all the bands that have been coming through in the last few years, the underdogs if you like.
John Grant's rise this year, in response to the reactions to his solo debut Queen of Denmark, has been a joy, and his arresting performance on Jools Holland's Later...this week, fill me with pride.
Beach House have also had a fabulous year and there is still lots of great things coming, new iTunes EP out this month, sold out show in November at Shepherds Bush Empire.

Our Broken Garden return with a brilliant second album Golden Sea in October, with amazing mixes from School of Seven Bells and Stairs to Korea to come, Philip Selway from Radiohead released his debut album on Bella Union this month,  Abe Vigoda's Crush, a magnificent electro-shoegaze sound married to their roots of tropical punk has taken them into a new bold world, and Peter Broderick's How They Are reminded us, as if we needed reminding, of what a unique talent he is with the one-day recording session illustrating how simple is best.

I Break Horses are close to finishing what will be a magical set of mixes. The Acorn remix album is due very soon, Lawrence Arabia are planning on a new recording session very soon, Lone Wolf has been on a songwriting spurt in between shows with Philip Selway this month, and Heidi Spencer made her first visit to UK, which was a treat for me, as i got to play piano each night!!

Midlake will be releasing the new version of Fortune shortly and the MOJO Best Live Artist of 2010 will be back here in NOV for a headline tour, with support from their friend JOHN GRANT.

Alessi's Ark will have their debut album for Bella Union complete very soon and i can tell you only this, it is a revelation. Alessi, still only 20 years old, went to a remote house in north wales to record these gems and there is a remarkable freshness and energy to these new songs. Look out for something in the early part of 2011.

Mountain Man have had a wonderful few months in Europe with their own dates among shows with The Low Anthem and Jonsi. We hope to see them back here very soon.

Pearly Gate Music will be back here soon to support Blitzen Trapper which i am excited about, as anyone who saw them on their last visit will have been blown away by Zach Tillman's voice and his all-girl band of Heather Cowan (amazing bassist) and Faustine Hudson (superb drummer)...

The Walkmen album 'Lisbon' is out very soon here, having entered at #13 in the US Billboard chart first week. Very exciting times.

Snowbird (Stephanie Dosen and yours truly) are close to finishing the recordings of our debut record and i am seriously excited about this too...some great friends have added very special bits and pieces too which has been lovely.

and well, thats about it for now, so more news on the new signings next week when i have.....signed them!

Saturday, 14 August 2010


i am sure a lot of folks are realising that just calling something 'dubstep' doesnt automatically make it good.
my second job was working in a dub record shop in Goldhawk Rd, and i was heavily into the on-u sound scene in the 80s and in particular the London dub scene with Singers and Players, Bim Sherman, Noah House of Dread, African Head Charge, and so when dubstep arrived a couple of years ago, i was sceptical. But there is some amazing music being made here, and for me the shining light in amongst it all, is ramadanman and this is brilliant. such a good understanding of architecture of beats, building a tune.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


one of my favourite artists of all time.
we worked together on his band Lift to Experience who were signed to Bella Union.
he has a new label now and i am excited to hear his new lp when it lands.
i found this online and thought i'd share it with you

PETER BRODERICK // SHE ANIMATES ' a year is round '....

like all the loveliest of things, this just 'happened'.
matt and kate, who are animators who go under the banner of She Animates, loved Peter Broderick's music and started making a little film inspired by it.
Then they wrote to Peter and asked rather than them just be inspired by him , whether he'd like to compose the music FOR it!

and hey presto....

a year is round from she animates on Vimeo.

Monday, 9 August 2010

HANCOCK'S HALF-HOUR "The Missing Page"

easily my favourite episode of Hancock....truly priceless

ORSON WELLES 'Touch of Evil' opening sequence...

for the longest time, one of the longest one-shot opening sequences in movie history and shows Welles, as does the whole film to be one of the greatest exponents of film noir in history. He also played a truly ugly character Hank Quinlan in the film which for me only adds to his legend....

LOVE LAKE 'Curses'

from minneapolis this is from what i can discern is the work of one Anders Carlson who sounds pretty darn fantastic to this man's ears...