Thursday, 21 January 2010

Cocteaus memories...fonder ones....a really rare piece of footage from 1985

its not often i find something cocteau twins related that i havent seen before, save this curious phenomenon of hundreds of rather odd videos on youtube that fans make themselves and post.
but this particular film was sent to me by mark at bella union and was so cool to see.

The editor of the fanzine The Offense was a wonderful man called Tim Anstaett and his passion, like John Peel in many many ways, for music he loved writing about that was far outside the mainstream, enriched the lives of many people from a city that usually was not a stop off point for smaller bands. Watching the film back, i now recall so much of that trip and Newport made it all the more special.

The news pieces are priceless right?


  1. Wish I could have been there - one of the few bands i regret never getting to see :(

  2. we did consider a reunion a couple of years ago but it aint gonna happen, not now. so i will show my kids tonight when they come over and maybe they will now realise how awesome i am..!! ; ) thing is now i have seen this footage for the first time, all the memories come flooding back and i remember the film crew and everything. but it was a bit of daze/haze back then know.

  3. Fantastic, Simon. Thanks for posting! - Tim


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