Monday, 15 March 2010

how lone wolf and shaun the sheep met...!

ashley dean, a york-based animator decided to make a homage to peter gabriel's seminal sledgehammer video. it was one of the reasons he became a filmmaker.
together with Bella Union's Lone Wolf, he has come up with something quite extraordinary, that has had peter gabriel, the aardman animation team who worked on the original, and folks like ed o'brien from radiohead raving about it already!

for new artists like lone wolf, it's wonderful to have supporters like these who genuinely are loving the work that is being done.
now 6Music's Video of The Week, it should get even more patronage!

The video is brilliant, but hey! the song is superb too!
enjoy this again and again

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  1. Hello, me again. Love that video and the song!

    In response to your note on my blog comments, I sent the book in late March. A signed copy directly to the company address listed on your Web site. (And added "attention John Grant" or something along those lines.)

    My email address is on the blog profile. I'm out of books at the moment, but will have some next week. If you find it, let me know. Otherwise I'll plan on sending another copy soon.

    By the way, love your company and many of your artists. And your music, as well, Simon.

    Christine R.


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