Sunday, 8 August 2010

Peter Broderick is back...

after some shitty year in agony from a knee problem, peter returned to Portland and had an operation. It didnt make things much better and the only answer was to do nothing for 3 months...

the album peter had recorded, and was due to tour had to be shelved for a while, as he literally couldnt walk.

this period of enforced inactivity lead Peter to write some sparse songs to reflect this time, and managed to get into a studio for one day, whereupon he recorded the whole album and mixed it all in this one day!
the result is How They Are which Bella Union will release soon..

a little home made video Peter constructed from 3,446 stills he took during his recuperation is posted on his website now. The song is the opening track of the new lp called Sideline, here it is..

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