Sunday, 21 March 2010

RIP Leesa Beales-Cocteau Twins' webmistress and so much more...

March 20th 2010...Leesa Beales passed away yesterday after a battle with cancer.

this is so so sad for all of us who knew leesa. no one could have been a more dedicated and loyal fan than leesa and the efforts she made to spread the music of her favourite band were indeed heroic. having lost a parent to cancer when i was still young i have an inkling, as many of us will, of what leesa's husband and children are going through and all we can do is send them our collective love from wherever we may be. i am sure they will feel the comfort of our combined prayers and thoughts.

cocteau twins fans in all the corners of our wide world have been connected by the love of this woman, and deep friendships formed as a result of these pages. now 13 years since our last recorded release, the cocteaufest is still going strong each year, and the music we made somehow lives on. leesa and i have been in contact on and off over the years and recently her occasional emails to me indicated that things were perhaps not going so well.

knowing someone you love is in pain is hard to bear, and i know that now she is out of this pain, her family will at least take small crumbs of comfort in this. Dealing with the loss will of course take time for her husband, for Aidan, Liam and Quinn, and we can only hope that the hole she leaves will slowly heal and what will remain will be only the fondest of memories of this special woman.

Leesa you will be missed by ALL cocteau twins listeners everywhere. To your family, my thoughts are with you all,

Simon x


  1. Well said. If your music as a ex-CT member and as a solo singer have few more fans is because she helps to spread the name all around world with her love and determination. R.I.P Leesa.

  2. <3 Thank you for this Simon, it's a true sign of how much you appreciated her.
    She was a true fan and that, we should learn from her.


  3. (posted on CT forum)
    Just opened my computer, checked my mails and saw the message.
    this is really sad.
    never met her, we just exchanged mails about this or that (we had some disagreements, i LOVE 'milk & kisses', lol!) but the work she done for the purpose of keeping the music & the spirit of the Cocteau Twins, our dearest band, is a great achievement.
    she (& her family & friends) must be proud of this.
    we & simon & robin & liz & lucy won't forget her.
    sleep well leesa.
    as we say here "bon voyage".
    vivian (helterskelter/aligrefm)

  4. We in The Physik Garden knew Leesa as our Poetry editor for many years. She was there from the very beginning and became a friend especially to Debbie, Simon, Neil and myself.
    Bye Leesa, thank you, thank you.

    Michael 22/3/2010

  5. This is a very lovely and fitting tribute, Simon. I know you and Leesa had a special bond. Over the last two days I've been thinking a great deal about her and listening to "Muscle and Want." Such a beautiful song, and her words were remarkable. In addition to her three beautiful boys, she leaves behind a legacy of creativity and a community that genuinely appreciated her selflessness and generosity. She went through some tough times in her life, but I was always amazed by her inherent goodness and kind spirit. I will miss that more than I realized I would.


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