Wednesday, 21 October 2009

the cat's been sleeping on the dog's bed...

i am not sure what to deduce from this, but it's got tongues a-wagging around here i can tell you.

in other exciting local news, the neighbours moved out, and in their Builders who are living in a van outside and builders who drill skirting boards into the walls at 10.40pm at night. Nice.

cant wait for the postal strike to start cos i dont like the postman. and i especially dont like all the letters we get from the last 38 people who used to live here. have they not heard of mail redirection?? i dont think i knew about it till i was like 12.

stephanie is out on tour with indigo girls which she's loving, so i have been writing some music for snowbird and i am excited to record soon. more news very soon.

what i really wanted to tell you is that our website is now up and running. we are making changes all the time as we come across things we think arent quite perfect but we're very happy with how it's coming along. we hope you enjoy it too.

i also wanted to tell you that 'memoirs of a geezer' by jah wobble is the book you need to get your mum to buy you for xmas.

i dont really like colin farrell.

i havent got a particularly good reason why i dont like him or why i brought it up, but i just dont like the things his face does. do you know what i mean at all?

i am sure he doesnt like the things my face does. especially when my face is looking at his face. it does some weird shit then!

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