Thursday, 15 October 2009

the chorizo sausage

my girlfriend doesnt like sausages. says it feels like your chewing cartilage. i guess she has a point, but when youre chewing cartilage thats SPICY, it's G-R-E-A-T!
which leads me on to Mexican food. Not TEXMEX but Mexican food.
why arent there hardly any decent mexican restaurants in London? Dont tell me there are cos where i live there arent. and in shoreditch where i work there isnt. (is there?)
i found one nice cheap one but its in Westfield, that big, shiny, new world near Shepherds Bush and i dont live anywhere near there.
i started eating breakfast in the Diner in shoreditch cos it has amazing mexican breakfasts and free wi-fi and decent coffee. sometimes i sit here with my headphones on from 10am till 3pm while having my meetings its THAT nice! If i could get my mail delivered here, I'd stay here longer.
Yesterday on the way home i found a place that had all the original Moomin books. i bought them. There is a museum of moomins in tampere in finland you know.
i think i will find a reason to go to tampere one day.

talking of moomins, i used to love listening to the voice of Peter Jones the football commentator, so evocative. he died a while back but if you like his voice you can hear it again here

went to see District 9 last night with my sons.

quite a brilliant film. The alien "prawns" are so fabulously dirty and cool. i love them! how do they do that shit? i know it has to be computers, but
and what a brilliant idea giving the brainy alien the name 'Christopher Johnson'.

the other thing that keeps me awake at night is that commercial where the dude is in his garage with pingpong balls and he bounces them on the floor and they all land in different - sized recepticles. he does it really quickly and doesnt miss and there are no edits and i am 99.9% convinced it's real and that he's a genius but stephanie tells me its all done with computers and that it'd be impossible to do. is she right?
i WANT to believe shit like that. tell me it's real. lie to me if you have to.

My mum doesnt like hugh laurie. so she cant watch House. she really is missing out. It's the one show i cannot miss. Well that and Flog It. I dont always watch flog it when it's on. my girlfriend and i just look up when the weird folks come on pretending they're interested in the history of their shit-encrusted teacup when all they want to know is HOW MUCH? we love that bit and then watching the lovely but ever-so-camp Paul Martin tell them he's sure it's going to be a big earner just one minute before it doesnt even make the reserve price.

i bought a fabulous old record player recently off ebay for 10 quid which has changed my life. its one of those all-in-one affairs where its a square-ish box and the speaker's in the front and you lift the lid up and its all cream plasticy..takes up no room and sounds amazing. to be able to buy vinyl again is intense, and to play all my old records feels like i have just unlocked all my teen memories again.

to get the new Midlake album made on vinyl is going to be wonderful, as it already sounds like a classic 'album' in that way that records just did back then.

was getting all excited about going to see Spurs playing again this weekend after all these hideous internationals but just realised it's away at Portsmouth and i am rapidly tiring of trying to spend saturday afternoons on the internet searching for a stream of the spurs away games that actually work.

see if Peter Jones was still alive i'd be listening to the radio. I dont like alan green's voice at all. Or his opinions.
i am sure he likes my opinions though! i've got loads.

wanna hear some?


"Chorizo should replace the british 'banger'."

there's one.
"Andrei Tarkovsky could not have known that the District Attourney of Syracuse iss also called Andrew Tarkowski".

there's another.

Here's another opinion of mine.
"Richard Nixon was even more of a slimy creep than you knew". Yes. Did you know he had his chief scriptwriter william safire write a speech for him in case the apollo 11 astronauts never made it home. "These brave men, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, know that there is no hope for their recovery. But they also know that there is hope for mankind in their sacrifice".
Not cool Dick. Not cool at all.

'i think Wikus from District 9 looks like a south african steve carrell'.

thats my final opinion of the day.

off to slay some trolls now.


  1. its funny that there is a moomin museum in tampere
    because some of the moomins look like tamPONS.

    i gotta go im working on bouncing ping- pongs!

  2. spicy chorizo is the way to go. doubtful you are up for travel to mexico any time soon with the taxi kidnapping attempt still fresh in your mind...memory gongs! But I digress...I've had the pleasure of meeting you twice and it's nice to see that you remain your same witty self. Ever get that piano piece you were working on figured out? best and bless, bryan in austin,tx

  3. Next time you're in the AIM office I'll give you my killer recipie for traditional mexican rice...that I actually learnt from some ols mexican guy at a Mariachi show. Amazing.



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