Friday, 16 October 2009

Pat Nevin talks to me, & Ashley Cole's wife

i really dont know what all the fuss is about...for those of you from lands afar here it is in a nutshell.. cheryl cole is a judge on X Factor ( a rather popular talent show here in blighty ) and yet she is also a member of the all-girl pop band Girls Aloud. Add the fact that she's married to the odious Ashley Cole ( a premiership footballer ) and there you have it. The apparent fuss is this; all the wannabe winners of X Factor, have to sing live in front of the studio audience and to the millions watching, and this week Cheryl is on the show as a SINGER herself performing her SOLO single and she refuses to sing live. 'Hypocrite' they shout. Fact is Cheryl cant really sing, and i dont want to hear her sing out of tune and then get all wobbly and pull scared-face and look at Simon Cowell and start crying and run off stage, do i? Oh. Yes actually i do want that.

i havent watched any of this X factor series, cos i am very busy on Saturday nights with personal grooming, building a ship in the garden, and quilting. So i am a bit out of touch with who is who, NO i tell i lie i saw that excitable Danyl chap in one of the first live auditions as i walked through the front room with some grey ship paint. Couldnt stand his face or his voice, and havent returned since. But watching lovely Cheryl muff it all up might be worth a brief glance. Then she'll know how Ashley Cole feels every time he plays for England..

Anyhow, it's Fryday which means i have a fry-up for breakfast. Saturday means i sit about alot and sunday doesnt mean anything (unless youre religious of course). Sunday means going up to Manchester for In The City where i am doing a keynote speech which sounds a lot posher than i think it will be. I am going to chat with my old chum Pat Nevin who used to play for Chelsea and Everton. As a Spurs fan i suppose i will have to explain how i managed to put on a chelsea training kit and went out to train with the first team once. It was hard. Honest. I had an asthma attack actually. And when i say it was hard, i dont mean physically, i just mean mentally.. anyhow, thats what i am doing this weekend. I hope you all have a lovely rest, and for those of you working i hope you get home in time for House on Sunday. x

ps my original title for this was 'Cheryl Cole', but my learned friend at Wichita convinced me that i was shamelessly headline-seeking to get people to my blog so i changed it.. ; )

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