Thursday, 29 October 2009

my word there are so many amazing bands out there ....

for the thirty three people that currently read this blog (well it is quite new?), chances are you are a bit like me, a bit of a music freak who cannot stop listening and discovering wonderful stuff out there...? right? ok well hello. arent we amazing? yes i think so too.

i am in my mid to late forties and while i may be missing something here ( i do hope i am), i DONT see alot of other folks of my age as into music as i am. The kids came along, marriage, work too hard, slump in front of xfactor on a weekend and thats it till youre too slow to even get out the chair to piss let alone go to a feckin gig. THAT seems to be the norm from my black-coloured spectacles. but fuck come aint over yet you know. have you any idea ANY IDEA how much incredible music is being made and not even released, just being made?

'when i am doing the weekly shopping at Tesco i look at the music there'
' well i sometimes go to HMV every month and have a look at whats on offer there '
' well i use Genius on iTunes'
' i was going to go to Rough Trade last year '

you know what i am on about. invest a bit of time in to your soul, enrich it, trust me when i tell you there is amazing music JUST FOR YOU out there that pisses all over the crap you bought this year in the supermarket trolley dash. picking up cd's and lobbing them into your cart is not really the best way to find music you're gonna love.

try these four today. you'll find them on myspace

mountain man (
zun zun egui (
alessis ark (
washed out (

thats all i am giving you today

(A&R men, go find your own music)


  1. i fear the big 30 next yr. and i am still spending more time with new music than new people. these are great bands and i still hope these new great bands will lead me to new great people. live long and prosper bella union.

  2. That way of living, your taste in music, and the fact of Bella Union has soundtracked the best period of my life is what makes this label, and you Simon, be so special for me!

    4 great recomendations indeed! I specially liked Mountain Man and Washed Out.

    Btw, when is the I Break Horses album coming out? I want to buy it and make my favourite human being listen to it with me! That was another wonderfull discover you made.. My keyboard is wet because of the tears that fall while I'm listening to "Hearts".

    My comments are allways so long that they look more like a second post, I'm sorry.

  3. amen! ahem. so mote it be? yes.. i agree!

  4. it doesn't matter what age you are, it's the drive, this kind of life-force that keeps it going. you gotta feed it so little and it grows immeassurably. but you gotta feed it. by the way, i love you bella union, thanks for being so nice on my blog x


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