Wednesday, 21 October 2009


we havent really chatted much about snowbird. i am in a chatty sort of mood, and you are too right?


since cocteau twins broke up 1997 (i was in them see) i havent really felt like being in another band. why would you right?

then i heard stephanie sing. we made a record together well kind of, she sent it me from nashville and i ended up getting all carried away and sticking loads of me all over it!

after a while it was glaringly obvious that we needed to actually write an album together, especially as we live together. thing was, we just couldnt find the time. till she got deported..then we had some time! me on my own and her on her own, in different countries! so then we got offered this tour supporting loney dear, who we love. so we kinda said yes we'll do it. problem was we didnt have any songs, oh well yes we had one that we had recorded a year ago. but one wouldnt have made a very good show. so, with the tour starting in 12 days we thought we better set to it. so i perched the mac on top of the piano, no microphones or anything fancy like that, just the shitty little mac in-built thing, and opened up garageband and recorded some of me noodling on the piano. i emailed one piano piece every day for a week over to stephnie over in the usa, she was staying at her parents looking after her grandma while her parents were away, and every morning i would wake up in london to an email with my piano song back with her vocals all done, again on her mac, with her shitty little in-built mac mic. it was kinda magical and fun. she came back 12 days later and the day she arrived we went on tour. no kidding, no rehearsals or anything. well we rehearsed the morning she arrived, the morning of our first show at the 800 capacity london venue the scala> thats a whole nother story! but is one of those garageband recordings exactly as it was done, and here is a little video stephanie made for fun..the song is called 'we carry white mice'

hope you enjoyed it a little bit xx


  1. Can't believe I missed you AND Loney Dear! You beter tour soon!

  2. This is a lovely story! Stephanie stopped by my blog,
    and now I am finding such magic around looking up her name! I love the music you are creating!!! Soo much fun to find music I feel lifted by! Blessings and such light to you! Amy


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