Sunday, 18 October 2009

Denmark and Vincent Moon

Denmark really is a wonderful place. Full of wondrous musicians and home to a fascinating music scene.
Bella Union has been in love with Denmark for some time, since publishing an Under Byen song a few years ago, and in the last few years we signed The Kissaway Trail from Odense, Chimes and Bells from Copenhagen and Our Broken Garden from a small village in the countryside not too far from the capitol.

A wondrous event took place recently involving some of our bands and i will let you have a read all about it here..

The filmmaker Vincent Moon, known for his take away shows flew into Copenhagen in May for a couple of days and this is what he says:

"In May 2009, i flew to Copenhagen, invited there to experiment some recordings. I had gone in search of this « new » Danish scene, mostly following Slaraffenland in their acoustic rendition of their new album, over one day all over Copenhagen. The result, 'Temporary Slaraffenland', is a 40 minute piece, including all their songs in 'Take Away Show' style versions.

Two days later, we brought 9 local bands in one house, for one night, to experiment a certain relationship between music and images, and collaborate on something unique and ephemeral. The result is a 30min sound and visual piece, one take, no cuts, plus a lot of outtakes with each band playing one of their songs. A certain idea of a document on a city and its creative life."

So, you can visit both pages and

If you want to just watch Chimes and Bells (Bella Union) peform their brilliant new song Do The Right, please head here, but you should check out the whole film, it's really worth it..

TEMPORARY COPENHAGEN _ 04 _ CHIMES & BELLS from vincent moon / temporary areas on Vimeo.

At Vincent Moon follows Slaraffenland around Copenhagen as they play their latest album from start to finish. A lot of guest musicians from various Copenhagen bands feature the recordings.

At Vincent Moon has documented 9 Danish bands collaborating in a 30minutes one take session filmed in a cool apartment..

The bands are: Murder, Choir of Young Believers, Efterklang, Slaraffenland, The Sad Lovers, Chimes and Bells, Thulebasen, Jong Pang and Valby Vokalgruppe. You can watch the films and download the audio and there is also individual films with each band performing on of their songs. In the extra material you can also find these three bands: I Got You On Tape, The William Blakes and Taxi Taxi!

i should also mention the very fabulous Efterklang including our very own Peter Broderick who are a band we love very much here at Bella Union...we love you!

Hope you enjoy,

Simon x

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  1. Everything this Vincent Moon does is just magical! No exception! I've already seen these two pieces before you refered to them here for I've been following him from very close since the times of La Blogotheque and let me say that they are lovely!!!
    I think he is one of the two guys i know who i feel like they have the most similar taste to mine in music (guess who's the other? :p)
    There's actually a band i knew by watching a take away show he directed that i allways believed you could eventually sign. Its name is Roken Is Dodelijk! I truly recomend you to watch it if you have some time and in case you haven't watched it yet. There's a part in the piece you can feel like if Vincent was crying (and i really don't want to explain you how, i prefer you to see it with your own eyes).

    By the way, Peter Broderick keeps on "radiating" hudge amounts of love, and Chimes&Bells are under my attention!

    I'm sorry my bad English.


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