Wednesday, 14 October 2009

the older i get

the older i get the younger i feel.
probably this is a temporary chemical imbalance. when i see 43yr old women wearing the same clothes their 11 year olds are wearing i think 'no.wrong'.
i 'feel' young but i have no desire to wear jeans that dont cover the top of my bottom, or have trainers that smell, nor do i wish to walk with that fake kind of limp to look 'ard., though i do like to sit at the back of the bus, cos there is one seat with more legroom there..
with my shaved head i already look 'ard so i am covered there.
today i bought the jah wobble book. he is an adorable man who i go to football with when i can, and i am looking forward to reading all about the stuff i dont know about him.
made some good plans for the kissaway trail and had an idea about sending some Lawrence Arabia tunage to The Inbetweeners show on Channel 4. Wrote to the producer of The Danish Girl, a film directed by Tomas Alfredson (Let The Right One In) about some ideas i had re the music. I cant stop thinking about that let the right one in film. so poetic and makes twilight and new moon seem all a bit silly.
just saw the trailer for Lovely Bones, the new Peter Jackson movie, and heard the song 'Alice' i co-wrote which was quite a buzz, cos it's a film i think does actually look rather good. Unlike Judge Dredd which we also wrote a song for once! i might not have mentioned that once upon a time, but hey...who's to know what's gonna be good and what isnt? Right?
i put on a new shirt today and thought i looked rather sharp. thats not something i feel very often so i might go and buy another couple the same.
got asked to dj at swn festival today which i am looking forward to, though the last time i dj-ed wasnt memorable. it was in Paris a couple of years ago and first a young girl kept coming up and saying 'house music, house music' to which i just shrugged and shook my head as if to say ' go away youre mental, i am playing a certain ratio, cabaret voltaire, wire, the slits, and no of course i dont have any house records do i!' and then a long-haired, clearly very drunk middle aged man, older than i, came up and said ' pink floyd?' i smiled and shook my head as if to say 'sorry, not a million miles away but sorry i dont have any'. when he kept on repeating 'pink floyd, pink floyd' after every song i played my smile started to wan. an hour later when he stumbled more aggressively over towards me about to undoubtedly ask for 'pink floyd', i beckoned him to the side of the turntables and he put his ear next to my mouth so he could hear me over the strains of miles davis' 'bitches brew' and i shouted ' I DONT HAVE ANY PINK FLOYD. NONE NOT ONE SONG, NO DAVID GILMOUR OR SYD BARRETT, NO PINK FLOYD AT ALL!' He moved back away from me and looked very annoyed and stared at me throughout the rest of miles davis and then as it finished he returned to the desk. " Led Zepelin " he shouted.
god. so moral being, if you see a shaven headed man in cardiff this weekend dj-ing in a club, dont ask for anything cos chances are i wont have it. you'll get what i play and you'll be very happy and if youre not, then call your mum. it feels like friday today.
just saw peter capaldi walking down the street. least i think it was him. legend.


  1. Hey!! I know you!!! Why didn't you play Pink Floyd for me? Can you try to play Led Zepelin this time?! (Ok ok I am kidding, I am not that guy!)

    I've been following Bella Union, and your taste is incredibly similar to mine so I believe I'd like to hear your choices, although I can't imagine you dj-ing... I don't know why... I allways imagine you in the music scene making something that touches really deep in people's heart and I don't think you can do that by dj-ing... Anyway, I am in Portugal so I won't be able to change my mind!

  2. hey i am allowed to have fun too! dj-ing is really a misnomer for what i do. i am playing some records from my box. i dont have a hoodie and i dont know how to crossfade or scratch it up. my fave records will be nothing like what i sign to the label. it's different entirely! xx

  3. Sure you are, and i really hope you do!
    Ok, i just still mantein my coment untill that part I say: "I'd like to hear your choices".

    Have fun!

  4. have fun dJ-ing i WISH i could be there!

    heres the link to the lovely bones trailer
    you could post it! ♥

    alice hits at :54 seconds
    may i say fine songwriting sir.

  5. i will have to work out how to do that! sounds tricky but cant be as hard as the pingpong affair. lets get down to some 'flog it' later? thanks re song. you knock out a mean tune yourself ms snowbird you..


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